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Alice Mondìa

Alice Mondìa is a young interpreter and author with double nationality (Swiss and German) living in the south of Switzerland. She is a multilingual artist speaking English, German, French and Italian, and also a lover of sports, good food and the outdoors.

After her basic studies of piano, she has found her true artistic expression in singing and then afterwards, having taken these first steps, she immediately realized that being on the stage is exactly what she wants to do.

Thus, begins a path with many difficulties but also great satisfactions.

Alice has released so far 3 albums and has performed in various contexts such as the unplugged concert at the Bravo Cafe in Bologna and the Christmas Concert broadcast by RAI on New Year’s Eve, the Cebit in Hannover (2010) and the selections of Eurosong in 2011.

During a break in which to plan new projects, she met the producer Pietro Foresti, a person with great musical and international experience. With his support and also with that of Bob Benozzo, who took over the artistic direction and the arrangement of the songs, a new album has been produced that will be released in the coming months and which reflects the artistic references already developed by Alice. This new work has attracted the attention of UNIVERSAL, which will ensure its distribution.

Alice Mondìa


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